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No matter who you are or which Hyundai you have your eye on, we have a range of finance options available, for both private and business use, at your local dealership. We’re making the overall buying process all the more convenient.

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Hyundai CarPlan®

What is Hyundai CarPlan®[H1]? It is one of our finance products that gives you increased flexibility every time you buy from us. The benefit is that at the end of your finance contract you can choose to pay any amounts owing on the contract to keep the car, trade it in for a newer Hyundai or return it and use the agreed Guaranteed Future Value that will meet any amount owing under the finance contract[H1]. It’s up to you!

Consumer Loan

Consumer Loan.

What is a consumer loan? A consumer loan is an arrangement where Hyundai Finance® lends you the money to buy whichever new or pre-loved Hyundai you like. You then pay it off over the term and once the loan is repaid the car is all yours![H2]

Chattelortgage Loan

Chattel Mortgage Loan.

What is a chattel mortgage loan? This is an attractive option when your vehicle will be used for business purposes at least 50% of the time. As a result, you may be able to claim tax deductions including depreciation.*

Why choose Hyundai Finance®?

How Hyundai Finance® works.

Your car finance journey starts here – calculate your estimated repayments online[H3] and then reach out to one of our friendly finance managers so we can help you each step of the way.

Calculate Repayment

Step 1: Calculate your estimated repayments online[H3].

Use our flexible loan calculator below to research what your loan repayment options may be.

Get Assistance

Step 2: Get assistance[H2].

Our finance specialists are ready to answer all your questions. Come into a dealership or give us a call to continue your finance journey.

Apply Loan

Step 3: Apply for the loan.

Agree on a finance solution, apply for the loan and (if approved) sign your contract and drive away in your new Hyundai vehicle.

Common finance questions.

We know that working out the best finance option can be hard work. So, to help you get you started, below are some commonly asked questions along with their general answers[H2].

What do I need to apply for finance?

When applying for Hyundai Finance please have the following documents ready to confirm your identity and so we can better understand your financial position. This all helps us to identify an appropriate finance option.

  • Current driver’s licence or proof of identity
  • Proof of income – 3 consecutive pay slips
  • If a homeowner, proof of ownership such as council rates notice or title

What happens at the end of my finance period?

This depends on the finance option you choose to go with. For most this will mean that you now own your car outright, for others it will mean that a range of options may be available. For example, this may be the opportunity to trade it in, return the vehicle and access the agreed Guaranteed Future Value[H1] to repay the loan balance or even upgrade to a new model on a new finance plan. Regardless, this will all be explained to you at the outset of the process so you know right from the start what to expect at the end.

What is the eligibility criteria for a Business Loan?

As finance for business is a little different to a personal loan there are some additional criteria you may need to be aware of to help process your request and to get the right solution for your business. Depending on the structure of your business, these additional criteria may include;

  • Proof of ABN and Business Registration.
  • BAS and bank statements
  • Business financials (depending on how long your business has been operating)


Your business manager will be able to advise you what information is required.

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